Fence Installation

Dayton Landscaping installs high quality aluminum fence for residential and commercial properties, where long lasting durability and beauty are required. Our rails and posts are powder coated after punching and notching, resealing all exposed surfaces with a protective powder coat finish for long lasting quality. Wooden and vinyl fence installation is also available.

All fences are available in 36'', 42'', 48'', 54'', 60'', 66'' and 72'' section heights while gates come in 36'', 42'', 48'', 60'' and 72'' openings.

For complete specifications please call us.

Aluminum Fence Styles

Fence Color Options

Read a description of each fence style below.
BuntingBunting Fence Option A traditional style with closer picket spacing (1 5/8"); Bunting is the perfect choice for securing small pets while keeping other animals out.
HeronHeron Fence Option With no exposed pickets above or below the rails, and no intermediate rails for climbing, Heron is designed specifically to meet pool enclosure codes, but can also be used for a sleek and simple application.
IbisIbis Fence Option The concave style of each panel gives Ibis a distinct look for commercial and residential applications.
Kestral Kestral Fence Option Kestral's varying picket height gives a distinct look to the simple and classic style of Longspur.
KimgletKimglet Fence Option Kinglet is a variation of Bunting. The closer picket spacing provides security for pets but exposed points add style to the fence.
LongspurLongspur Fence Option A traditional "wrought iron" design with even picket points across the top. Beautiful style and quality.
SiskinSiskin Fence Option A variation of Longspur, Siskin provides the look of pickets with the additional security of a top rail.
StarlingStarling Fence Option Starling is a simple, modern design with a smooth top rail instead of exposed pickets.
WilletWillet Fence Option Willet's unique scalloped design tapers six inches from center to end pickets.

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