Leaf Removal & Fall Cleanup

Autumn LeavesDuring the fall season, our customers use our Fall Cleanup services to preserve their lawns and landscapes through the coarse, harsh winter months. Our Fall Cleanup services include some prep work to the property and the beds, leaf removal, and a cleanup.

Work Preparation:

Fall Leaf Cleanup ServiceWe remove fallen branches, logs and debris that would otherwise suffocate the grass underneath.

We blow-out the leaves and light debris. We remove garbage, twigs, and fallen fruit. We do not avoid
areas behind bushes and other
hard-to-reach places.

Leaf Removal
We blow down into the grass and soil to bring up the debris clinging to the base of the lawn. We rake the moist areas. Typically, the blowers cannot bring up leaves and debris in the moist areas. Debris in these areas not only suffocate the lawn, but also promote the growth of damaging disease organisms.
We blow the leaves into piles. We take the piles to the street or to the assigned by your city leaf collection area. If the city doesn't pick them up we dispose them at the city dump ourselves (requires extra charge).

We blow off all walkways, patios, decks and driveways.

Hauling Program
Dayton Landscaping will haul away all of your leaves where the city regulations requires to do so at no additional charge to you.

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